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Made Easy

Few clicks.

Encrypt any file.

Share any key.

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Key  On  Demand  Encryption


It's all about the keys. The hardest part of encryption is dealing with the encryption keys. Until now! KodeFile creates, stores and shares the keys for you. 

So with a few clicks, encrypt all your files...documents, photos, videos. Then simply share any file's encryption key to control who decrypts. 

Unique Keys

KodeFile generates and stores a unique key for every file you encrypt. Shares any key on demand.

AES 256-Bit

Secret Keys

The keys are secret to everyone, ensuring they are never exposed and shared with unauthorized parties.

Endpoint Encryption

Separate Keys

Why trust KodeFile with the keys? KodeFile never possesses your files. You store and share your files.

MD5 Verification

Endless Use Cases

  • Encrypt everything...defend against hackers, viruses and ransom.
  • Safe transit...encrypt email attachments and flash drives.
  • Safe storage...encrypt your backups and upload to the cloud.
  • Safe sharing...share and unshare your keys as necessary.

Simple Pricing



  • 50 Encryptions Per Month

  • Unlimited Decryptions

  • Unlimited Key Shares



  • UNLIMTED Encryptions 

  • Unlimited Decryptions

  • Unlimited Key Shares

  30 Day Free Trial

No contracts, cancel anytime. Terms & Conditions apply. All prices are in USD.

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